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Six-a-side summer football (men & women)

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Six-a-Side Summer Football (Seniors)
Run by Upper Hutt City Football Marauders social team

Are you missing footie yet? Come and join us for our annual six-a-side summer football competition!

– Combined teams (men and women)
– Starts Fri 15 November for 5 weeks (stop for Xmas). Restart Fri 17 January for 5 weeks
– 5.35 / 6.10 / 6.45 / 7.20 kick off times
– Maidstone Park Turf

– $40 per week for 10 weeks (8 players $5 each). Full payment please prior to kick-off.
– Payments by direct to Upper Hutt City Marauders 06-0773-0335478-00 , ANZ Bank – use your team name for the Reference.

How to register:

Contact organisers Dan McKissock 027 264 4314 or Brent Windelburn 0212415982



– 6 players on the field at one time (including a keeper).
– Subs can only come on once exiting player has come off, this must be done at half way and with a tag on hands.
– Warm ups only on the warm up pitch.
– All teams must give 72 hours (3 days) notice of a default.
– Game can start when a team has 4 players.


– Games to start from 5.35 through to 7.20 last kick off
– 2 x 15 minute halves and 5 min half time.
– Every one minute late to kick off concedes a goal to the opposition team who is waiting.
– Play goes ahead in all weather.—apart from lightning storms


– You can score from anywhere on the pitch, but not directly from a throw in or a free kick.
– Throw-ins as normal. Teams please assist in retrieving over shot balls (out of bounds), 3 balls per game will be available to ensure continuous play.
– No off-sides.


– Each team will get 4 joker cards for the season to be used any week they choose except the finals week. If used the game changes to — last goal wins.


– Length of playing pitch = width of the full sized turf – markers will be set.
– Goal size may change from full size one week, to smaller the next randomly.
– Goal boxes are up to 10 metres in front of the goal line spreading the full width of the playing pitch.


– All free kicks are to be taken from where the foul occurred or behind the mark if it’s to be taken quickly.
– All defending players must be 5m from the ball until the ball has been played, unless taken quickly.
– There are no direct penalties, only free kicks or in-direct.
– The ref may choose to complete a drop ball if he/she stops play, or award a free kick.


– No riding or pushing a player from behind.
– No feet up challenges.
– No dangerous play or slide tackles.
– Keep elbows down.
– No abusive language.
– No hand balls.
– No time wasting.
– If a team has committed five fouls in quick succession, there will be a free kick given to the opposing team. The player who commits the final foul will spend 5 minutes in the bin, the team cannot bring on another player during this 5 min period or make any subs. If any dispute, the referee can elect to restart the game with a ball drop or award a free kick.


– Goalkeepers can leave the goal box at anytime to join play up field.
– If goalkeeper picks up the ball outside of the markers = free kick.
– Goalkeepers can be rotated but the ref must be notified to stop play as this happens.
– Goalkeepers can distribute the ball anyway he/she chooses.
– Goal kicks to be taken from anywhere along the 10 metre goalkeeper box.


– If the ball strikes the referee, the team who had immediate possession retains the ball.
– Referee’s decision is final.


The new season will be here before you know it! Keep fit and have loads of fun at Upper Hutt’s six-a-side summer football competition. Contact Dan McKissock 027 264 4314 or Brent Windelburn 0212415982 for more info or to register your team.