Upper Hutt City Football – Girls’ Development Squad 2020 and beyond

 Are you passionate about everything football?

Do you want to strengthen your football skills and confidence?

What about a football experience being about girls, for girls, and with girls?

Do you want to build friendships in a fun, challenging football environment?

Our Girls’ Development Squad has been created to facilitate and support enthusiastic female football players with a desire to pursue their individual football pathway.  Whatever your football dream may be, our development squad will provide you with opportunities to embrace new learning in an all-female environment.  The end goal will be different for each player… and that’s ok.  What’s really important to us at Upper Hutt City Football, is that our young women have the opportunity to thrive as female footballers in a safe, yet challenging environment.

#girligotyourback              #girlstayconnected

Enhancing potential whilst building confidence and developing skill is key to our players’ success, and the squad’s aim is to bridge the gap between grassroots football and a higher level of competitive football.  A focused environment will enable like-minded players to share aspirations and valuable learning experiences in a ‘player-centered environment’.

With a focus on individual skills’ development, there is absolutely a place for everyone.  Our goal is to support your football journey and build your football confidence, specifically for ‘you’! We will provide an environment where it is safe to try new things, to foster new friendships and where you can be part of a strong female football family.

The coaches and support staff are trained, passionate and committed to enhancing player skill-development, to motivating female participation in football and to building enthusiasm for competitive female football in Upper Hutt.  Communication is key for us; setting personal goals with you, providing regular feedback to you, and working in partnership with you and your whanau.

Senior female youth and women players and staff volunteer time to help mentor our young women and junior girls.  Some have representative experiences of their own to share creating opportunities throughout the season to develop and improve knowledge of the game.

                    #girlbeconfident                   #girlbeindependent                     #girlbesmart

 So come and join us!  Let us empower you to be confident, to be connected, to work through challenges, to develop initiative, to strategise and work smart on the field, and to thrive in your football journey!


Who are we looking for?

Girls with a ‘can do’ attitude!


We are looking for players born in 2007, 2008, 2009 (girls who will be 12, 13 or 14 in 2021) who wish to enhance their football experience by being trained in a female football environment.  While the focus is on individual player development of skills, there is also an opportunity for more competitive girls to be mentored in working towards the higher representative levels within Upper Hutt City Football, Capital Football and NZ Football.

 Our Philosophy:

To provide all players with a rewarding and positive experience including:

  • Establishing a fun football environment; to ensure our young women remain interested and dedicated to this sport;
  • Celebrating success – via measuring the development of football and life skills; not the number of goals scored!
  • Developing ‘thinking players’ in a player-centred environment;
  • Setting challenges at individual and team level; ensuring that mental and physical skills development are appropriately pitched to the individual;
  • Providing feedback and feed-forward; to continue to develop the individual strengths of each player at their starting point, and to set individual goals for development;
  • Establishing a community of players; learning from mistakes, accepting responsibility for attitude and training dispositions, and building a personal commitment to developing team culture;
  • Ensuring technical development; building tactical awareness and confidence;
  • Building player resilience and utility; learning necessary skills in a variety of on-field positions;
  • Maintaining an inclusive culture; observing fairness and individual attention in all facets of training and game time;
  • Developing squad culture; respect for ourselves, respect for staff, respect for squad members, respect for opponents and officials, and growing a high level of discipline on and off the pitch.

Squad Commitment – what we expect from our Girls’ Development Squad members

  • attend organised squad training
  • be available for tournaments or friendly games
  • demonstrate the fair play values of the Upper Hutt City Football
  • be motivated and enthusiastic in attitude and application


More details to come!  In the meantime, please register your interest in this Girls’ Development Squad with Belinda


Belinda Warrington, Junior and Youth Development Officer (Girls)
Email: belinda@upperhuttcityfootball.org.nz