Players from 7th through to U17s will be provided with a club-issued playing top and here’s what you need to know to get the rest.

Club uniform

The official suppliers of club merchandise to the club are Football Central.
Players MUST wear protective shin pads and appropriate boots for their own safety and the safety of other players in the games. These should also be worn at training sessions.
UHCF 7th – U17 grades
Shorts: black Lotto football shorts.
UHCF socks are compulsory and can be purchased online at Football Central.
UHCF First Kicks
An orange t-shirt is supplied at the start of the season for fully registered and paid players. Shin pads are a must. Boots or suitable footwear, black shorts and club socks are preferred, but not compulsory. Orange playing shirts, including those that are sponsored for teams, are only to be worn by players during games and no other forum. Girls can wear their playing shirts to and from games.

Club / supporters gear

[size 8 shown]

UHCF hoodie for supporters / players
Orders for hoodies are often taken as bulk orders at several times through the season. Look out for announcements on Facebook, the website and through your grade manager.
[ size 10 shown]

UHCF jacket for training / pre- and post-game

UHCF player gear bag
These items can include player names and are be ordered in group lots at Football Central via our equipment officer and unit costs depends on embroidery needs.

Other club branded gear

Coaches or managers, in conjunction with their grade manager can order club branded gear through our equipment officer. See our sponsorship section (page 27) for more details.

Why club preferred suppliers?
When we wear the club logo we are representing Upper Hutt City Football Club so it’s important the club is represented consistently within our community. We are proud to be associated with our team colours and logos and the relationships we have with our suppliers to best manage this and avoids confusion about who we are and who our teams are representing – and who our supporters are supporting.

Looking after team gear + playing shirts

The equipment, balls, cones, practice bibs, team jerseys, nets (if issued) and the team gear bag are the property of the Club. Club equipment including jerseys, are not to be used without the permission of the Equipment Officer.
All team playing tops are to be kept together throughout the season.
They are not to be taken home by individual players.
The exception to this rule is female players where it is not deemed appropriate to remove the shirt on the field – and we ask the girls do not wear club issued gear on non-playing days.
Where possible all playing shirts should be washed together immediately after use as dried mud can stain the fabric and affect the overall future life of the team kit for others.
Do not use pre-wash soaking solutions. All equipment, shirts, jerseys, gloves, bibs and gear bags are to be washed before returning at the end of the season. No shirts or equipment are to be swapped between teams.

Club equipment

Coaches are responsible for all equipment supplied by the club. The balls issued for each team need to be marked with gear bag numbers, please look after them, we expect to get more than one season from a football especially ones used by juniors for training. Team gear should be kept together and checked regularly to ensure it is all accounted for. Please do not allow players to take balls or any other equipment home.