First Kicks is aimed at those turning 4, 5 or 6 this year (2019) and born in 2015, 2014 and 2013) with or without any previous experience kicking a ball.
We follow New Zealand Football’s nationwide Fun Football framework to teach core skills, play simplified games and have a whole load of fun!

Last season in 2018 we had 100 kids registered with around 80 kids playing each Saturday morning. It’s superb to see the turf humming on a Saturday morning with around 200 playing across two hours including 7th and 8th grades.  You’re most welcome to come along and give it a go first to see if your player is keen.


Saturdays 9:00 – 10:00am, from 6 April to 31 August 2019
There’s 19 playing Saturdays.
No games on Easter Weekend and on the middle week of the school holidays.


Football Turf at Maidstone Park, Park Road (opposite Parapine ITM)


We follow the New Zealand Football Junior Framework that encourages a variety of skill development and is all about building the foundation for future years. You’ll probably see us using laminated games guides from the framework each Saturday.

Each Saturday we’ll start 9:00am sharp. The first part of the session is made up of four station rotations (around 8 minutes each) that focus on each training area including general movement, football coordination, football technique and small sided games.

Then we play games (around 8 minutes each) for the remainder of the time.

We mix up the players using bibs. Teams are re-created each Saturday. We’ll often split the whole grade into the more confident players and those who are still finding their way. See the action in our photo gallery of First Kicks and 7th and 8th Grades.

Parents are game leaders

We have a number of parents volunteer to act as “game leaders” so all our children can enjoy a good productive morning’s play. The role is far more about making sure they’re having fun than any technical football job. There are readymade game cards to work with and we always love coaches who are keen to get a bit crazy. Everyone coaching is a parent of a First-Kicker. Please let us know if you’re keen.

2019 seasons fees are $95

Find out how to register and pay online. Payments for the season are made by credit or debit card when you register.

We welcome registrations throughout the season. All registrations within a month of the season start will pay full fees and any other amounts will be advised by the grade manager. If you wish to talk about payments – please get in touch.

Gear you’ll need

Once all paid up, we’ll give players an orange club shirt (for them to keep). Your budding footballer will need shorts and closed shoes – football boots are best for the turf. Plus they can wear their favourite football team colour until they get their club shirt. Shin pads really are a must. Black shorts and club socks are preferred, but are not compulsory as the only uniform piece expected at this age is their t-shirt.

Game rules

To ensure each player has as many touches of the ball as possible and young players concentrate on skills that are best suited to their age we play a simplified version.

  • No goalies.
  • No offside.
  • No corners.
  • Kick/dribble in instead of throw-ins.
  • Attacking team returns to half-way for a goal kick.

Players of the day

Plus there’s a lot of rewards to earn including All Whites posters, player of the day certificates and rewards and skills zone prizes throughout the season.


Are few and far between as we play on an artificial turf so we usually just play on. However, if it’s obvious it’ll be bad we have a UHCF First Kicks parent group that we post updates to and send an email.

Grade manager

Each season throughout the club we rely on volunteer efforts to help run the club. Our First Kicks Grade Manager role is one that can be shared to make a successful season – for example an administrator/coordinator keeping in touch with parents and a leader/enthuser on the turf on Saturdays.

FAQs – frequently asked questions

My child is new to football, can we turn up and give it a go first?
Yes, so long as we haven’t reached our maximum registrations. Contact our First Kicks grade manager to check first.

Are there other ways to pay the fees?
You can pay the fees after you create a NZ Football MyCOMET profile by choosing our club. Your registration is confirmed upon this payment. If this is not possible for you to pay the fees at the time of registration, please contact our First Kicks grade manager.

What’s your maximum amount of players?
We aim to have not more than 5 v 5 in a game of football and so cap registrations at around 120 players for the season based on the area available on our turf.

Who will my child play with?
Each Saturday we mix up our kids based on birth year age groups. Playing with friends is sometimes helpful early in the season, and sometimes a hindrance is they’re too social. If there is a particular combination you’re keen on seeing – talk to our grade manager on the day.

Is there a uniform?
First Kicks uniform consists of just the t-shirt we give you once you’re registered and paid up. At this age it’s more about fun that having a perfect uniform so shorts and socks are your choice. Many of our players have gear passed down from older players so it’s not unusual to see the wider club uniform adopted by some of our players but it’s not compulsory.

Are any bits of gear compulsory?
Shin pads are an absolute must ($15-20) as feet can get a little crazy at this early stage of play.

Does my child have to wear boots?
Boots can sometimes be pretty expensive! If you’re child is just giving it a go, come in sports shoes and buy the boots when you know for sure they are in to it. Boots give grip on our turf surface (that can be slippery with dew or rain) and also allows players to get better contact on the ball.

Can I buy gear second hand?
The club often has boot/gear sales at the start of the season – especially at the fun day. Follow the club Facebook page to stay in touch with the latest.

What happens if my child is absent?
Absences are a fact of life in Winter for sickness or family occasions and that’s built in to the flexible way we run our game days. We simply ask that if parents are game leaders, they can give our grade manager a heads up as soon as they can to help with planning on the day.

When do you cancel and how will I find out?
We play on an artificial turf so we usually just play on as typically the kids love playing in the rain – it’s us parents who get cold not moving around under umbrellas. If it’s set to be cold, wet and windy we’ll make the rare decision to cancel. Notifications go up on our First Kicks parent Facebook group and we’ll send out an email alert before a pre-determined time.

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