Junior fundraisers

Individual teams or grades can fundraise at our club events to help with, for example, tournament participation costs or extra team gear such as bags, training equipment over and above what the club supplies.  This is on a first come first served basis (you can book in your participation well ahead) and consideration will be given to volunteers who wish to fundraise for the whole club first. The annual club fun day is a mixture of fundraising activity for the club as a whole, juniors and/or specific groups.

Opportunities within club events in 2019:

  • Football fun day + Hilton Petone Cup Match 17 Feb    11am – 6pm – TAKEN
  • Football fun day 17 Feb    11am – 2pm – used football clothing sales
  • Hilton Petone Cup Match 24 Feb    12pm – 6pm – sell kitchen food
  • Hilton Petone Cup Match 3 March    12pm – 6 pm – sell kitchen food
  • Hilton Petone Cup Mach 10 March    12pm – 6pm – sell kitchen food
  • Hilton Petone Cup Match 17 March    12pm – 6pm – sell kitchen food
  • Hilton Petone Cup Match 24 March    12pm – 6pm – sell kitchen food
  • Saturday kiosk  playing Saturdays 0745am – 10am – hot drinks, snacks or BBQ
  • Orange Day TBC thru season – BBQ, drinks and sell kitchen food
  • Karori Cup hosting May every second year – BBQ, food, drinks
  • UHCF U19 Bob Bamford tournament 5-6 October TBC

For more information contact your grade manager or the specific event organiser.


Do you, or anyone you know, own or work for a business which would be keen to support local junior football?
Various sponsorship options are available. Of course, we’d love to hear from you to talk about how sponsoring Upper Hutt City Football Juniors could benefit your business. As a club we need to ensure we have a consistent and coordinated approach to seeking sponsors or organisations that offer grants, but we always welcome new ideas and on who we could approach.

Sponsored club gear

Sponsorship can take many forms – supplying services, supplying funding for buying equipment or funding entry fees into tournaments or other tournament costs like travel. Recognition may be provided in a number of ways to be negotiated, documented and agreed in advance. The club will commit to honouring these obligations.
A previously used sponsorship method has been sponsoring the club and in return for naming rights of a team and a branded playing strip that are worn for 3 successive seasons. More recently a sponsor has outright funded the purchase of a strip for a team and funded numbers and names of players to be printed on the shirts as well as their brand logo. There is the opportunity to tailor a sponsorship deal which hopefully matches your circumstances and provides a way that you can gain commercially from helping our club.
Any new sponsors need to be considered in context of with our current and recent contributors.

Sponsored / club gear policy
All playing and team gear orders are to go through the equipment officer.
Club uniform options are chosen for being value for money and creating one consistent look.Any sponsorship arrangement including size and placement of logos will need to be reviewed and accepted by the Junior Captain and Club Chairman, and

  • bear in mind the following criteria if related to playing strips:
  • players and teams are committed to wearing the strips for a minimum of two playing seasons or the expected lifespan of the playing top,
  • there must be no clash with current club sponsors,
  • it’s a simple design,
  • player names, if chosen as part of the deal, go on the back at the top, and
  • gear is ordered through club’s preferred suppliers.

For more information contact your grade manager.

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