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Senior Results 25/26 July 2015

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UHCF Harcourt Hooligans and UHCF Saints who have both clinched their leagues with games to spare.

And a “shout out” to the U17s who finished 2nd in the U17B league. They now play friendlies through to the end of the season

Men’s Premier League:
Upper Hutt City Car Sales (2) (Hamish McLachlan, Bryce Tamahanga) Kapiti Coast United (3)

Capital Two:
Upper Hutt City Car Sales (1) (Art Aurunksol) Stop Out (0)

Capital Five:
Upper Hutt City Harcourt Hooligans (4) (Phil Patterson, Mat Bennett 2, Simon McCarthy) Victoria University Accies (0)

Capital Eleven:
Upper Hutt City Defence (2) (Albert Smit, Macca) IBU Piglets (6)

Capital Twelve: 
Upper Hutt City Creeps (8) (Joel Bull 2, Rob Hill 2, Mike Palmer 4) Stokes Valley (1)

Capital Masters Three:
Upper Hutt City RJ’s (3) (Chris Jones, Mike Rennie, Peter Thomas) Petone Left Over Stew (1)

Capital Masters Four:
Victoria University Bombers (1) Upper Hutt City Saints (6) (Neville Philp 3, Rick Cusin 2, Jason Gray).

Women’s Central League:
Moturoa (0) Upper Hutt City Car Sales (2) (Emily Morison, Lena de Ronde)

Premier League:
Western Suburbs (1) Upper Hutt City Car Sales (1) (Becky Stewart)

Capital U17B:
Tawa (0) Upper Hutt City (2) (Sam Patterson, Ben Wood)