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Photo nights 15 + 16 May

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Here’s a reminder of our two photos nights and who’s up when.


Photos are laminated 10×8 and $15 each.

Please have all money (cash) and orders together as a team on the order form ready to handover as your photos are taken. Team managers: you’ll need to identify your players to the photographers before leaving.

There won’t be any EFTPOS on the night – it’s cash only. If payment being made by cheque please make payable to Life Photography and $0.35 to cover clearance fees.


Re-prints are available at a later date directly from Life Photography but not at these reduced UHCF Club price.

Gear sale on too

Bring some extra cash for a second hand gear sale – proceeds going to 14th Grade Gold Coast Trip.

Monday 15 May – teams and arrival times

7th Grade Wizards     4.50 pm

7th Grade Stingrays    4.50 pm

7th Grade Sonics        4.55 pm

7th Grade Wolves       5.00 pm

7th Grade Hawkes      5.00 pm

7th Grade Comets      5.05 pm

8th Grade Cheetahs    5.10 pm

8th Grade Pumas        5.10 pm

8th Grade Bobcats      5.15 pm

8th Grade Panthers    5.20 pm

8th Grade Lynx            5.20 pm

8th Grade Jaguars      5.25 pm

8th Grade Cougars      5.30 pm

8th Grade Tigers         5.30 pm

8th Grade Lions          5.35 pm

8th Grade Leopards    5.40 pm

11th Grade Tigers       5.40 pm

11th Grade Panthers  5.45 pm

11th Grade Pumas      5.50 pm

11th Grade Lions        5.50 pm

11th Grade Wildcats  5.55 pm

11th Grade Jaguars    6.00 pm

10th Grade Black        6.00 pm

10th Grade Orange     6.05 pm

10th Grade Falcons    6.10 pm

10th Grade Cobras      6.10 pm

10th Grade Sharks      6.15 pm

10th Grade Hawks      6.20 pm

14th Grade Storm       6.20 pm

14th Grade Premiers  6.25 pm

14th Grade Wanderers           6.30 pm

14th Grade Phoenix    6.30 pm


Tuesday 16 May – teams and arrival times

9th Grade Premiers    4.50 pm

9th Grade Orange Thunder    4.50 pm

9th Grade Anacondas 4.55 pm

9th Grade Rattlesnakes          5.00 pm

9th Grade Cobras        5.00 pm

9th Grade Vipers        5.05 pm

9th Grade Taipans      5.10 pm

9th Grade Pythons      5.10 pm

13th Grade Rangers   5.15 pm

13th Grade Force        5.20 pm

13th Grade Brave       5.20 pm

13th Grade Amigos    5.25 pm

10th Grade Wolves     5.30 pm

10th Grade Bears       5.30 pm

Womens Premier League       5.35 pm

Womens Central League        5.40 pm

Womens Squad          5.50 pm

12th Grade Bandits    6.00 pm

12th Grade Red Dragons        6.00 pm

12th Grade The Avengers       6.05 pm

12th Grade Squad (2 teams)  6.10 pm

12th Grade Squad (2 teams)  6.10 pm

U17 A Team    6.15 pm

U17 Development       6.20 pm

Mens 3rd Team          6.20 pm

Mens 2nd Team          6.25 pm

Mens 1st Team           6.30 pm


First Kicks players: an all-of-grade photo will be taken on an upcoming Saturday – date TBC. James will tell you more soon.