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Upper Hutt City Football is absolutely committed to the development and continued education of our junior coaches and referees. Capital Football has put together a comprehensive coaching calendar this year and we strongly encourage our coaches to take advantage of the courses on offer.

The club will support the funding of courses, but there is a limit to the number of courses each coach can do.  Our priority is to ensure ALL our coaches are qualified to the minimum standard, rather than a small number of coaches with a raft of qualifications (that would be good too but there is a limited budget!)

How to apply

1. Check out the Coaching Calendar and Guidelines on the Capital Football website for the course you are interested in.
2. Contact your Grade Manager and the club’s Coaching Co-ordinator, Tony Grant, for approval.
3. You then register online on the Capital Football website for the course you wish to attend.  You have to do this yourself, as the form asks for personal information which we don’t have.
4. You will receive an email confirmation and an invoice (if there is a fee associated).  Please send these to Tony,
5. You MUST have received prior approval from Tony otherwise the club will not pay the invoice – and it will be up to you to pay the bill.
6. Upon completion of your course, please send certificate (or other proof of completion) to Tony, so that we maintain up to date records of our coaches and their qualifications. 

For more info, please contact:

Tony Grant
Coach and Referee Education Co-ordinator
Ph:  027 569 6802

Handy links:

Capital Football Coaching Programme
Referee Education

Check out what this delighted coach has to say…

“I completed the Youth Level 1 Coaching Certificate in March, and I am  pleased to say I  enjoyed every aspect of it, whilst currently I coach 11th grade,  I’m trying to stay ahead of where I need to be so I can deliver better coaching initiatives or prepare and challenge myself and players better. Some of the techniques and ideas I have gained can definitely be initiated this year and a seed planted for up and coming ideas for following years.

The night itself was delivered on a number of sections from Planning and Completing effective age appropriate coaching strategies, to reflection and evaluation techniques as a player and a coach, to the critical role coaches play within the team, as well as Technical, it touched on also identifying skill base with the ball, tactical awareness and physical techniques. Most importantly I think was “you” as a coach how to deliver and communicate and identify areas with the player better and more quickly and effectively.

We also had the opportunity to be paired up with a few other coaches and planned and executed a practical training run to suit a certain objective and age group e.g. 16 year olds passing or shooting,  once this was executed and then as a group of coaches we talked about improvements and positives from that short run, be it about the practical side of the run or the involvement from the coach e.g. how were they coaching what techniques were they using how could it be done better, was it too much for the players, was it not enough for them etc etc

All up the course started at 6.30pm sharp and was completed by 10.30pm, The trainers Paul and later Tim were energetic and open to all questions and or comments, I felt they held themselves in a professional and open manner, and related well to the group, both were clearly on the same page and no mixed messages were given at all. Paul was very conscious of information over load and kept to the task on hand well and offered some fantastic ideas as well as support throughout the coming seasons as did Tim.

I would highly recommend more junior coaches participating in this course.

If you could pass onto the comity my gratitude as they paid for the fees for me to attend, it’s very clear to me that the club is on the right track in funding such courses and getting the club coaches more qualified.”

Thanks again

Dan McKissock