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Capture your team’s season with LifeBooks

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Throughout the football season, there is a lot of action and many memories are created.  This is often captured on camera.  

LifeBooks gives you the ability to share these photos and to create a team album packed full of all the fun and memories you  had during the season.  With options to either design your own album, or to use ready made album templates you can easily and quickly create a truly memorable record of your team’s season.  Also a great thank you gift for you coach and manager 🙂

The finished albums are printed to a photographic quality standard and delivered to your door within about a week.

How to create your team album:

1) Nominate someone to be in charge of your team’s album
2) Collect photos of the season from parents and friends
3) Go online to your club team album building site at
4) Start creating your own team album with your photos along with frames, images and backgrounds supplied.  Save as you go.
5) Once your team album is completed, place your order through the online shop.  Your order will be delivered in approximately 5 working days.

Get started today!  Visit