2016 Trials – dates and how it works

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Trials are held for players in 9th Grade and above for players interested in playing in the top two teams in each grade to enter the premier leagues. It’s ok if you do not want to trial, and these players will be put into teams with those that are not selected via the trial process based on where they live, schools they attend, any specific requests, or volunteer coaches etc. These teams will play in the Hutt Valley league which is more social than the Premier League.

You will need to register before 21 February in order to take part in the trails.


At the Maidstone Turf with Pedro Garcias – gold coin donation to cover off the one-off turf fees

9th + 10th grade – Monday 15 and 22 February, 5 – 6pm

11th + 12th grade – Monday 15 and 22 February, 6 – 7pm

13th + 14th grade – Thursday 11 and 18 February, 5 – 6pm


All trials will be held at Awakairangi Park, Upper Hutt. 

9th Grade
Wednesday 24 February 5.30pm – 7pm 
Sunday 28 February 9.30am – 11am

10th Grade
Wednesday 24 February 6.30pm – 8pm 

Sunday 28 February 10.30am – 12pm

11th Grade
Thursday 25 February 5.30pm – 7pm 

Sunday 28 February 11.30am – 1pm

12th Grade

Thursday 25 February 6.30pm – 8pm
Sunday 28 February 2pm – 3.30pm

13th Grade
Thursday 25 February 7.30pm – 9pm 

Sunday 28 February 3pm – 4.30pm

14th Grade
Wednesday 24 February 7.30pm – 9pm 

Sunday 28 February 4pm – 5.30pm


Sunday 28 February 1pm – 2pm

U17s @ Maidstone Park Turf
Saturday 27 February 5.30pm-6.30pm
Please bring a gold coin donation for turf fees.


Coaches will meet with grade managers to confirm the grading format.

Players will be assessed during the trials.

Selectors will meet after each trial to discuss player attributes.

After the second session the travelling squad will be selected. Thereafter non-premier league teams (Hutt Valley competition) will be named.

Parents / caregivers will be contacted by their grade manager informing them of the team their player is selected for.

Players do not have to attend grading.  No attendance at trials = non-premier league (Hutt Valley competition team).

Premier League players must attend trials for selection. Grade managers may vary this rule on a case by case basis.
The grade manager, the top two team coaches and the independent technical advisor will decide the “train on squad” for the start of the season. 
The grade manager is the final arbiter of any selection disputes.

Our goal is to have consistency across the grades and conduct the grading process in an equitable and fair manner. Trials ensure players are placed in teams suitable to their level of ability and commitment

Key Assessment Areas

New Zealand Football “Whole of Football” (Mini Football) grading criteria:

Technical competency – the ability to perform basic skills under pressure – e.g. shooting, dribbling, juggling, passing, turning
Game intelligence – decision making, anticipation, pro-activeness

Physical capacity – speed, agility, strength, endurance

Character and personality

New Zealand Football Whole of Football (WoF) best practice recommendations have been incorporated into the trial process to assess technical competency and enable selectors to gauge player ability. Specific age-groups will place emphasis on some areas more than others.  The aim of the trials is to ensure players get the opportunity to show their wares.

Most grades conduct at least two trial sessions, which are progressive with selectors mixing players to get a good look at all attending. Small-sided and age-group appropriate sided games will be played for a maximum of 15-minutes duration. 

Selectors aim to give all players equal game time and opportunity to rest and take on fluids. Selectors should also take into account previous knowledge and past performance of returning players. The committee will supply at least one impartial experienced coach to assist coaches in selection. It should be noted that the coach must be able to select his or her team. The impartial selector is basically there to assist and ensure the trials process is fair and equitable.