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Senior Results 15/16 August 2015

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***FUN FACT***  

In Masters 4, the league champions Upper Hutt City Saints became the first team to rack up 100 goals for the season! 

All the results for 15/16 August 2015

Women’s Central League:
Upper Hutt City Car Sales (3) (Emily Morison, Emily Stirling, Kennedy Bryant) Massey (0)

Premier League:
KCU (2) Upper Hutt City Car Sales (5) (Ami Kaneko, Becky Stewart 2, Grace McRobie, Bianca Mueller)

Capital Ten:
IBU Bombers (4) Upper Hutt City Marauders (1) (Ben Winters)

Capital Eleven:
Upper Hutt City Defence (1) (Thomas Durston) Wainuiomata Halfbaked (2)

Capital Twelve: 
Upper Hutt City Creeps (3) (Rob Hill, Michael Palmer, OG) Victoria University Wanderers (0)

Capital Masters Three: 

Upper Hutt City RJ’s (1) (Steve Parry) Porirua City AFC Co-Op (2)

Capital Masters Four:
Upper Hutt City Saints (11) (Craig Latham, Jason Hicks, Paddy Barry, Harry Hayne, Rick Cusin, Neville Philp 3, Jason Gray 3) Naenae (0).