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Lights = fun for our First Kicks players

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“That’s so cool!”
“Wow, that’s what the big players do!”
First Kicks Grade manager James Lamb reports our youngest players recently had a chance to break from their tradition of playing early on a Saturday morning and play under lights on Sunday night.
Twice this season all of Hutt Valley’s  7th and 8th graders swarmed the turf on a Saturday morning for their festival matches.
James says our 4,5 and 6-year-old footballers took to Maidstone Park Turf and played with the unusual experience of multiple shadows in the early evening.
A challenge went out to take on the parents and all sorts of crazy ensued as it was quickly 60 kids versus a few!
“Football at this age is simply about having loads of fun and being “allowed out in the dark” twice has been a real highlight for many this season,” says James.
Nice one!