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Junior Prizegiving – 18 and 19 September

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Please join us to celebrate another great season for Upper Hutt City Football juniors

Heretaunga Christian Centre
18 & 19 September 2014

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Thursday 18th September


First Kicks                  5.30pm-6.00pm

8th Grade                    6.00pm-6.40pm   

10th Grade                  6.40pm-7.20pm   

12th Grade                  7.20pm-8.00pm

14th Grade                  8.00pm-8.30pm   


Friday 19th September

7th Grade                    5.30pm-6.10pm   

9th Grade                    6.10pm-6.50pm   

11th Grade                  6.50pm-7.20pm   

13th Grade                  7.20pm-7.50pm   

17th Grade                  7.50pm-8.10pm   

Club Awards – nominations invited

Nominations are invited for these three club awards.  Deadline for nominations is 15 August.

Southland Shield

This award can be given to anybody within the junior club [not a player] i.e. a parent/guardian that has been helpful/generous, a person who has served the junior club i.e. as Committee member/coach/manager, a sponsor who has been more than generous over a period of time.

There are many options not just the above, there is one rule it can’t be won by the same person twice.

Goal Keeper Award

This award is basically self explanatory, it does not necessarily go to an established keeper, there may be a keeper who only started reluctantly, but has now become a true No 1.

‘Adams Cup’ Coach Of The Year Award

This award is for any junior coach or assistant coach and nominations are accepted from UH City Football parents/guardian (partners cannot nominate their partners).  Please state a valid reason for the nomination which should include:

*             What makes this coach special

*             How this coach has been an influence on their team/child

*             Does the nominated show fair play, team spirit and has the respect of officials and the opposition

*             Has the nominated gone above and beyond to promote the club and inspire the future of football


Nominations for any of the above 3 awards should be send to  
If you have any questions, please contact your Grade Manager.

We look forward to seeing you there.