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And the winners are…

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Phil Gorman – Volunteer/Administrator of the Year
UHCF Men’s 1sts – Team of the Year

and to all our other nominees, well done – you should all be very proud.  It was a fantastic season across the club, both on and off the field.  Let’s keep up the good work!


Upper Hutt Sports Awards

Congratulations to all those who have been nominated in the upcoming Upper Hutt Sports Awards.  With representation in 4 out of the 7 categories, and in some cases more than one nomination per category, it’s a testament to the amazing work being put into the Club, both on and off the field.

Well done and good luck!

Upper Hutt City Football Nominees

Wayne Rooker Sportsman
Upper Hutt Men’s 1sts Team
Upper Hutt Women’s 1sts Team
Pedro Garcias Coach
Lorraine Bowring Coach
Phil Gorman Administrator/Volunteer

You can find out more in this week’s edition of the Upper Hutt Leader (page 38)