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All Star Academy – Chile Trip

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Happy new year to you all, we hope you have had an enjoyable break with your family and friends. Thanks to all of those who showed an interest in the proposed Chile trip and attended the special meeting just prior to Christmas. The feedback was extremely positive and looked upon as a fantastic opportunity for the children however there were a few concerns around lack of time to raise the required funds and also the current ages of the children. 

While we do have a number of parents that are willing and interested in their children going this year the feedback showed that there would be so many more parents that  are willing to give their children this opportunity  if we delayed this trip till Sept 2015. This will give people plenty of time to raise the necessary funds through fundraising etc and also the children will also be that little bit older. 

So at this stage this is our intention.

We will before the month is out  hold another meeting and get together a subcommittee to drive this fantastic opportunity for the children, in the meantime if you have any queries around the Chile trip please don’t hesitate to contact Dean or Phil