This policy is written to ensure the consistent delivery of Premier League trial processes across grade 9 through to U17 Boys and U18 girls. Trials and any subsequent grading of players will be conducted in a fair, equitable and transparent manner for all those who choose to put themselves forward.


UHCF junior premier league trials and assessment policy and process

Version 1.0

Published 19/02/2019 to be reviewed by 30/01/2020

The following policy describes the participants, their role and responsibilities, with regards to the Premier league Trials and subsequent team selection.



The trials process is used by players to indicate their interest in higher level competitive football. By indicating interest and participating in the trials the player (and parent(s) are agreeing to the commitments of travel league including longer travel time, additional training and commitment to participate in tournaments.

Players need to:

  1. Register as a club member and pay your fees by the date specified.                                    
    Only those players registered with Upper Hutt City Football in Comet by the [date specified] will be eligible to trial.
  2. Advise your grade manager you wish to take part in trials. 
    This is so you can be put into a trial group
  3. Turn up 15 mins before your allocated trial times.
    You will be allocated a number, trial instructions and trial drill activities with your trial group.


Grade managers

The trials process help the Junior Committee to analyse the independent assessment of the skills, knowledge and attitude of trialists and manage the building of teams suitable to their level of skill, ability and commitment.

Grade managers need to:

  1. Keep a list of players who have indicated interest in trials.
  2. Run a Comet report of to confirm Trialists are all registered players. No unregistered players will be eligible to take part in the trials.
  3. Group Trialists into trial teams of even numbers.
    Trial teams are created in a randomized manner.
  1. Use the club trial group assessment sheet to allocate player a bib number and team/bib colour.
    All grades use the same criteria and assessment documentation
  1. Set up the trials administration station before players arrive on the day.
  2. Ensure each registered player receives a numbered/coloured bib as per the Trial group sheet.


Junior Coaching Director

Needs to:

  1. Run the preseason training for all players intending to register for the season
  2. Arrange suitable number of Assessors that have no relationship to the grade being assessed. 
    This could be senior players or coaches from other more senior grades. Last seasons’ coaches are not part of the assessor’s group.
  1. Plan age appropriate drills and small sided games that will showcase the skills and criteria determined on the Trial Sheet
  2. Set up the field and drill stations prior to the Trial
  3. Supply the Trial bibs to the Grade manager on the day
  4. Ensure the Assessors are educated in what is expected when writing assessment scores and comments.



Need to:

  1. View as many players as possible during the two trials
  2. Provide honest assessment of as many players as possible
  3. Provide comments/reasons for good characteristics or areas of improvement.
    Comments are valuable to ensure those players who do not receive a lot of ball and don’t have the opportunity to tick the boxes for the skills, are equally assessed for their contribution to the game.
    Please be aware your comments may be shown to parents of players in cases of selection disputes – so keep them positive and professional.



Need to:

  1. Stand back, – please stay off the trial area.
  2. Please don’t coach your children during the trial.
    We want to see what your kids know not what you know. In premier league teams it is important that your children can be coached by other people.
  1. Please don’t shout – it’s not the A-league. 
    We want to see your kids enjoying the trials challenge, learning and gaining confidence from the experience.
  1. Relax and enjoy the football.
    Please feel free to ask our Committee/Grade representatives any questions in relation to the trial.


Selection of the team(s)

  • During the minimum two trial assessments the notes and comments made by the assessors are collated by the grade manager.
  • After the second trial assessment the premier league squad will be selected, the squad will be enough players to sustain two teams.
  • If the squad is unable to be chosen a further trial of selected players may be requested by the grade manager.
  • Once the premier league squad is selected, all players (including those not trialing) who have not made it into the squad may be allocated to teams by the grade manager. The player will be placed in a team based on a mixture of ability and other players that they have played with previously – at the Grade Managers discretion.
  • The Grade manager, top two team coaches, and the director of football will decide from the squad of premier league players, the final make-up of the teams for the start of the season.
  • All Parents/ caregivers will be notified by the Grade manager(s), informing them of the team their player has been named in.
  • The grade manager is the final arbiter of any selection or allocation disputes.
  • Players (or parents of players) may request access to their own trials assessment. Release of the player’s private information will be at the discretion of the grade manager. Parents will NOT have access to unrelated players private information.


The Junior committee will:

  1. Review the policy every 12 months, prior to the beginning of season.
  2. Review the documented Trials Process for junior members prior to the beginning of each season.
  3. Set date for club Registration and Trail registration prior to the beginning of season.
  4. Set dates for trials prior to the beginning of season.
  5. Ensure a minimum of two trials are held for each grade (9-U17).
  6. Book Turf Time with the turf trust that match the Trials dates.
  7. Book clubrooms if required.
  8. Ensure Trials and Assessment process is transparent and consistent across all grades by adhering to this policy.
  9. Review the assessment criteria are fit for purpose at the beginning of each season to ensure the club is still looking for the same things as previous season.
  10. Ensure assessment criteria is available to all trialists.
  11. Amend the process where required and publish to the website and all members intending to trial via grade managers communications.


What we’re looking for in UHCF players

There are four main components to look for from players:

Technical ability:  Does the player show good passing, dribbling, running with the ball, shooting, tackling, shooting techniques at various stages of the practice/game – within the four moments of the game (attacking, defending, transition from attack to defence, transition from defence to attack)?

Decision making:  Does the player make good decisions in relation to the technical and skill components at various stages of the practice/game?

Attitude:  Does the player lead by their actions, work hard throughout the session, encourage others, compete for the ball, and continue to want the ball at the various stages of practice/game?

Coachability: – Does the player listen to instruction and direction in a positive way and show a willingness to learn and improve.





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