This policy is written to ensure the consistent delivery of Travel League/Premier Team grading processes across grades U9 to U12. Grades U13 to U17 will be covered under the Youth Grading Policy.

Grading of players will be conducted in a fair, equitable and transparent manner for all those who choose to put themselves forward.

This policy describes the actors, their role and responsibilities, with regards to

the Premier Teams grading and subsequent team selection. Premier Teams play in the Premier divisions within their Grade, these divisions are also known as ‘Travel Leagues’

Pre-season Training

The club will hold training sessions prior to the Grading. These sessions will allow players to become familiar with exercises and drills that will occur in the grading process.

UHCF Junior Grading Policy and Process

Version 2.0

Published 28/02/2020 to be reviewed by 30/11/2020